There’s no single “candlelit ambiance.” Hollowick proves that lighting is as versatile as any other element of your dining experience. The brand’s lighting and cooking fuel items elevate any culinary environment, while their durability and safety provide long-lasting use for anyone in the food service industry.

You can find the exact lighting solution you need to match your style, create points of intimacy and enhance your customer’s experience. Hollowick offers tealights, votives, mid-sized lamps and full-size lamps. Materials, colours, shapes and finishes all play a part in creating the overall feel of each lighting element.  

Hollowick offers every lighting style from sleek and modern to rustic and soothing. Consider Lighthouse glass lamps that can be filled with the materials that best reflect your food, whether that’s coffee beans, dry pasta, or seashells. Or choose vintage metal bases on midsized lamps that can transport your customers to another time.  

Hollowick’s wide range of lighting products can be fueled by convenient single fuel cells that last up to 50 hours or refillable lamp fuel sold by the gallon. This lamp fuel is non-flammable (like vegetable oil). The brand emphasizes safety and their system is approved by most major fire departments for use in restaurants.

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