For over 100 years Walco has been committed to offering their customers quality tabletop products, from buffet accessories to flatware. Any hotel or restaurant will find Walco products with the elegant and modern feel and finish they’re looking for.

Walco offers an impressive range of flatware designs. You can find contemporary, cutting-edge cutlery and traditional, luxurious looks. All it takes is a quick glance through the Walco catalogue to see that this brand takes the details seriously. The length, weight, texture, finish, and symmetry of every piece is all considered and consciously chosen to create beautiful flatware. Whatever kind of table you’re trying to create, Walco flatware will elevate it. 

Walco offers more than just flatware, including steak knives, chafers, hollowware, buffetware, tongs and trays. You can expect the same attention to detail and range of beautiful options among these pieces as among the flatware. 

Further, Walco does not neglect the practicality of their products. You’ll find that many of Walco’s products are cleverly designed to hide fingerprints and resist dents. Pitchers are designed for accurate pouring, steak knives for seamless cutting, and serving bowls to better maintain temperatures. Overall, Walco creates reliable tabletop products that you can depend on for function and feel. 

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