There’s no guessing in a commercial kitchen. When you need reliable, precision instruments, turn to Taylor. Since 1851 this brand has been providing professionals with durable and accurate thermometers, scales, timers, cutlery and more.

At Total Tabletop Plus, we’re proud to carry the Taylor thermometers that can make any kitchen safer and more precise. Taylor’s range of thermometers are fit for candy, deep frying, ovens, grilling, refrigeration, and many special uses. Choose from a wide range of quality infrared, thermocouple, pocket and mounted thermometers.

At every turn, Taylor has sought to perfect their products and offer the features that a professional can benefit from. Among their many features you can find shatterproof thermometers, dishwasher safe thermometers, those that provide instant readings and those which have antimicrobial cases.

Taylor carries more than thermometers. They also manufacture digital timers with simple, but precise controls, electronic portion control scales, receiving scales and more. Expect durability, precision, and the features that will really make your kitchen run more efficiently and produce better food.

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